Big Data Clinical Trial Analytics

PPH plus entered into a service partnership with big data clinical trial informatics experts LongTaal s.r.o., based in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Combining large data sets from multiple data sources LongTaal offers pharmaceutical companies, CROs, medical institutions, regulators and other government authorities, policy makers, patient advocacy group, investors, as well as media, unique perspectives into the world of industry R&D clinical trials.

LongTaal’s subscription-based online big data analytics (LT AnalyticsTM suite) consists of three core modules:

  • LT Trend - global industry clinical trial trending and benchmarking module
  • LT Plan – planning module for new clinical trials offering clinical trial professionals streamlined disease- or product-specific site- and investigator- identification tools
  • LT Perform - country clinical performance improvement tools/ country internal performance benchmarking tools for organizations performing clinical trial

The LT AnalyticsTM helps to increase accuracy and ease of clinical trial planning (feasibility studies), serves as a business development tool for CROs, and offers unique insights into the world of global industry clinical trials including evaluation of clinical trial market share of sponsors and countries, as well as clinical trial demographics & economics data (e.g. accessibility to clinical trials by country, country clinical trial reputation index, estimation of clinical trials revenues by country).

Additionally, PPH plus Project Leadership Services are enhanced with on-demand advisory and reporting for advanced clinical trial insight and planning, provided by the LongTaal Institute. The LongTaal Institute advisory team consists of industry experts capable of preparing impactful reports and presentations by combining data from the LT AnalyticsTM suite, with other available science and industry literature sources, all layered with their own expert views.

To find out more about how LongTaal can improve clinical development strategic planning & operations please visit