Feasibility surveys - a prerequisite for effective study planning and execution

PPH plus proficiently analyses disaggregated data to integrate and customize feasibility surveys according to study-specific requirements.

The PPH plus Feasibility Services manage the entire feasibility process (feasibility study design, conduct, analysis and reporting). The PPH plus team communicates efficiently with clinical sites, enhancing investigator engagement regardless of the site location. This effective communication is the result of PPH plus know-how in the relevant therapeutic area, understanding of local standard of care, targeted analysis of clinical trial design particulars and leadership expertise.

Feasibility Analysis Factors

  • Local standard of care
  • Regulations
  • Clinical infrastructure
  • Patient availability
  • Past and ongoing clinical trials in the targeted patient population
  • Investigator qualification and clinical research experience
  • Medicinal product development strategic aspects
  • Comparator suitability and availability
  • Logistics