PPH plus leverages clinical operations for a successful clinical study outcome

PPH plus offers the leadership competence needed for:

  • Guiding and keeping clinical study teams focused on the clinical trial objectives
  • Ensuring project goals are achieved on time and on budget as planned

PPH plus project leaders orchestrate all operational aspects of the project including all pertinent plans and lead multidisciplinary teams of parties contributing to the project.

They ensure adequate project management and resourcing on a continuing basis, while overseeing and offering support as team leader with organizational tasks comprising but not limited to the following:


PPH plus project leaders establish the most promising project strategies, in line with a quality-by-design approach, and manage clinical development projects within deadlines and budget, being accountable for regular forecasts and project deliverables as agreed with the customer. Risk-based study management from early project stages prevents foreseeable mistakes.

PPH plus project leaders assemble the skills required for successful management of the following areas of knowledge: