PPH plus at the FiZ Network Event for Up-and-Coming Researchers, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

FiZ, the Frankfurt Biotechnology Innovation Center, welcomed young scientists from the knowledge area of microbiology for a 2-hour discussion panel concerning the scope of career opportunities outside of academic research on 28 September 2017.

Dr. María Proupín-Pérez, Senior Project Leader at PPH plus GmbH & Co. KG, has joined the group of four panelists accompanied by Dr. Dorothé Eisermann, Quality Assurance & RBM Project Lead at Cyntegrity Germany GmbH, Prof. Kurt Roth, CEO of GFE Blut mbH, and Dr. Björn Rotter, Head of Functional Genomics at GenXPro GmbH.

Dr. Christian Garbe, Managing Director of FiZ (Frankfurt Biotechnology Innovation Center), has opened the event with a short presentation of the FiZ.

Some of the discussed topics were: the need to quickly adapt to a changing industrial environment in order to offer customers a competitive advantage; new horizons beyond academia opened by innovative research such as precision medicine; the best qualification for matching technical and management functions; the value of post-doctoral work for the industry; the need of additional learning for each specific industrial field and the adjustment of CVs to job offer requirements.

PPH plus is pleased to contribute with several decades of medical and project leadership experience in clinical research and drug development projects to fruitful academia and industry networking at the FiZ.


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2017-09-29 PPH plus News - Picture - FiZ