X Interdisciplinary Drug Development Expert Workshop, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

PPH plus is pleased to announce this year’s brainstorming session on “Successful Drug Development under Cost Constraints and Complex Regulations”, the annual expert workshop. The event will be held on 8th May, next to PPH plus office at the Frankfurt Biotech Innovation Center (FIZ).

Once more, Dr. med. Johanna Schenk, Managing Director & COO, and Dr. med. Peter Klöpel, Director Consulting Services, PPH plus, will moderate the conference. Five experts will contribute to a vibrant get-together effort.

“Let’s heal inspection & audit phobias of sponsors, CROs and investigators. This pledge summarizes the first topic to open the meeting. The focus will rely on how to build the idyllic clinical protocol that defeats any chance to deviate, thus achieving inspector’s contentment. Quality by design (QbD) is strongly bound to the subject.

Two separate lectures about risk-based quality management influence on sites as well as electronic trial master file (TMF) vision versus praxis, will present the status quo of centralized approaches in clinical research.

Is precision medicine progressing beyond oncologic diseases or is all-around personalized healthcare a fata morgana? Expert views and discussions on this futuristic topic will be additionally integrated in the agenda.

Planning how to control CRO performance effectively, with a big question mark placed on the suitability and drawbacks of laissez-faire versus exhaustive micromanagement, will be the topic closing the meeting,” outlines Dr. Schenk.

Please contact us at info@pph-plus.com if you would like to participate in the workshop and have not yet received an invitation.